How to stop windows from using internet data in background.

Hello, Welcome to COT. There are many people who do not have unlimited internet. They use hotspot from their mobile. In mobile phone, we have limited mobile data, and when we connect our computer Wi-Fi with mobile hotspot, sometimes it automatically consumes all of the mobile data available. It happens because Windows runs services(background processes) which use the internet to download various things to keep your computer updated. Some of us cannot afford to loose that much mobile data.

So, this article is for those who have limited mobile data, and use mobile hotspot for Wi-Fi in computer. If you are permanent Linux user, then this may be not important for you.  Here are the sections in which this article is written.

1. How to check which process is consuming internet data in Windows?.
2. How to stop windows update service, or background process?.
3. How to use Metered Connection in Windows 10 to save internet data?.

So, first we have to check which application, or service in consuming internet data. I will give some tips in between also. So, keep reading.

How to check which process is consuming internet data in Windows?

Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, then you will have 5 options to choose from, choose Task Manager.

Step 2: You will have this window opened after that. Press on More Details in the bottom left corner.


Step 3: After clicking on More Details, you will have a window like the below. Now, in the Processes tab, you can check Network column for rough view. It will show if an app using network. For getting more details click on Performance Tab, and click on Open Resource Monitor.

Step 4: You will have a window like this. Here in the Network tab, you can check all the details. It may take few seconds to get details. So keep calm.


Extra Tip for Windows 10 Users:
If you want to check last 30 days data consumption, you can follow this. Press Windows Key + I, choose Network & Internet, and then click on Data Usage on the list of menus. You click on Usage Details link also for more details.


So, now you know how to find which process, or app is consuming more data. Now, let's talk about that imposter which consumes most of the data.

How to stop windows update service, or background process?

This is very simple. Follow the below given steps. In the end there will an important note. Please, do not ignore that.

Step 1: Open Run, using Windows Key + R. Now, type "services.msc", and press Enter.

Step 2: Now it will open a window like below. Find Windows Update service inside it. If the status is Running like in below image, then it is consuming data. Right click on Windows Update service, and click on Stop. It will take some loading, and then it will stop. It is not the end. Please read ahead.

Step 3: Now Right Click, and choose Properties option. Then choose startup type Disabled like below, and then press OK.


Now, you have successfully disabled update service, but I have an important tip for you.

Important Note: 
Even if you disable windows update service, it will automatically start it again sometimes. It will not enable it always, but sometimes like when you update windows defender, or downloading something from windows store etc. things, it enables the update service. So, it is necessary to check if it is in the Running status every time you start windows. Take no risk!

In the later article I will show you how to make changes in Registry, so that this stops permanently. Now, let's look at metered connection. You should enable metered connection also to save data.

How to use Metered Connection in Windows 10 to save internet data?

If you don't know what is metered connection, you can think of it as an internet connection which has a data limit associated with it. In short, Windows will not use so much internet data in the background. Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Inside the Notification area of Task Bar, click on Wi-Fi icon.  Then click on whatever Wi-Fi device you are using, and again click on Properties button.

Step 2: You will have a window like below. Scroll down, and find Metered Connection, it should be off by default. Make it On.


Important Notes:
  • You will have to start metered connection for every device separately.
  • You may have to start metered connection again if you change your Wi-Fi device name, or change password.

So, that's it. Thank you for reading the article. If you have any doubt, you can ask me in the comments below. If you liked the article, you like our Facebook Page for future articles. Bye!.

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