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With the evolution of new powerful GPUs and technology, the gaming industry is going on an absolute next level. Similarly, many players are shifting towards Linux gaming. Windows are getting updates constantly and getting junkier that is why it uses more resources to run the game which, leads to the FPS drop and heating issue. The gaming company has to provide updates to fix the bugs and expand the game but combining all of these with bulky windows, the gamers will lose FPS every time.

Thankfully, we have Linux that allows you to do extreme customization compared to windows OS. We have more control over the operating system on Linux. Linux is lite compared to windows and, some of the new gaming Linux distros are so much optimized specially for gaming. So, by shifting to gaming on Linux, gamers can get some extra fps and can get a better experience. 

That is why today I brought 2 Top Linux distributions you can use to play pc games on Linux. Also, I will show you how you can set up your Linux for gaming.

Windows and Linux are different and, many people choose Linux over Windows is license cost. Windows cost much for the license still, you can not customize much while Linux is absolutely free and you are the boss of your system. You can customize however you like, there is no limit to customization here.

Today, I will introduce the best gaming Linux distribution Pop OS and Manjaro OS. Let's see how to customize each distro for gaming and, we will also discuss, which one is the best Linux distribution for you.

PoP OS for gaming

Pop OS is based on Ubuntu Linux. It is the distribution of ubuntu and most of you are all familiar with ubuntu Linux from the school. So, It is very easy to set up for you and get used to it for daily use as well as gaming.

How to set up Pop OS?

Step 1: Search Pop OS on google
Step 3: Click on the download
Step 4: Select the download with Nvidia drivers option
Step 5: Boot downloaded ISO file 

Here, you did download the OS with Nvidia drivers pre-installed. So, now your OS is game-ready. Now you need to install some services to access steam or lutris so that you can play any windows games on Linux. Most big titles and many games are compatible with Linux so, it is not a big problem for you. Still, you can check out your game in steam, to verify the game is compatible or not.

Like the Microsoft store, here you will get a pop os store where you can download any software or applications that are compatible with this distribution. The process is the same as you do in windows, just click the download button and you are ready.

Why should you use PoP os?

As you are searching Linux for the gaming platform, I am assuming you are familiar with basic Linux like ubuntu. Many different Linux versions might become a little bit complex for normal users but this PoP OS is based on Ubuntu Linux so, It is very likely to get used to it. Community support is very huge becasue of the huge ubuntu community So, In case if you get into trouble, you will find the solution easily.

If you are a beginner or if you are used to Ubuntu Linux, then you should definitely try out PoP os because it will get easy to use and understand also.

Manjaro OS for gaming

Manjaro OS is a bit different then PoP OS. While PoP os is based on Ubuntu Linux, Manjaro is based on Arch Linux. Both are Linux but the commands are different. So, PoP OS commands will not work on Manjaro. Arch Linux command will work on Manjaro and Ubuntu's command will work on PoP OS.

Both distros are superior but Manjaro is a little bit more advanced version which is more suitable for the power user and for those who are used to the arch-based Linux system. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages so, you can go with any of those according to your comfort and ease of use. We will compare those two distros later after finishing the Manjaro setup for gaming.

How to set up Manjaro OS?

Setting up Manjaro is not difficult at all, It is just a little bit longer than PoP OS but once you set up this OS, you will actually feel more comfortable than PoP OS.

Step 1: Install yay using pacman

The first thing you need when you are installing software or packages is the package manager. Pacman is a package manager who will manage the installation process of your software. It is like the installation wizard you see in windows. But here, you do it with the command prompt.

However, it is still possible to do the installation process using the installation wizard and, you can also run windows software on Linux using Wine software. To install Wine, you have to use Pacman, so to avoid complexity, I had explained this process using command prompt because I am assuming that you know a little bit of command prompt and you are comfortable with it.

We need to install yay using Pacman in order to install Nvidia drivers manually because you can not run games without a graphics driver. Yay is an AUR helper tool that is used to install packages and solve the dependencies. 

Command: sudo pacman -S yay 

Step 2: Update your system using yay

Before installing any software, you need to update your system. If you know a little bit about Linux before, you must be familiar with this process.

Command: yay -Syu

Step 3: Search for dxvk lutris

After completing the system update, search for the dxvk lutris on your browser. Open the first GitHub link.

Step 4: Then add wine dependencies using terminal

Like the Direct X framework, on Linux, you need to use dxvk which is Vulkan based compatible layer for your Dirext3D application. So, installing dxvk will allow you to play games on your Linux platform. To run that, you need to install the Wine dependency using a command prompt.

Step 5: Then open Installing drivers link

You can find the whole documentation about installing the driver on your ubuntu as well as an arch-based Linux system. Look for the arch Linux derivatives section. 

Step 6: Choose your driver whether it is Nvidia or AMD

Select your graphic driver's type. Whether you are using intel, AMD or Nvidia. If you are using Nvidia drivers, then you first need to check out whether it is supported by a modern Nvidia driver or not. Then follow the installation process as per the documentation. You need to restart your computer after completing the installation process. 

Now, you are ready to play the game. You will find steam pre-installed on your Manjaro Linux so, if you are playing games on steam you are ready to go. If you don't want to use steam, you can use lutris, to run your PC games on Linux. 

What is Lutris, and how to play PC games on Linux?

Lutris is an open-source gaming platform that helps you to run any games on your Linux platform without hesitating to set up and go through a complicated installation process. Lutris is the same as steam, it provides you the platform to play games. You can manually install any games you want to play on Lutris. To install Lutris, use the command:

yay -S lutris

Lutris is available for both PoP OS and Manjaro so you don't have to worry about it. Both OS are very optimized and it will give you way better performance than windows. Which one do you feel comfortable with, you can go with any of them.

If you find this article useful, make sure to share it with your friends and make your Linux Gaming Team and get a better experience of gaming on Linux. If you have any doubt or query, you can ask us in the comment section, also you can give suggestions on which I should make next article? You can connect us with social media anytime.

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