How can you find Data for Machine Learning?

Hello beautiful people, welcome to the new Machine Learning article. This is the series where we give easy explanations about machine learning. In previous posts, we covered basic things of machine learning that you need to know, and then we saw an algorithm also. We learned the basics and we are also going to learn different algorithms but the main problem is where do we find the data to apply algorithms or to do our projects? Finding data is the most important thing, and the first step you need to know to get started with any Machine learning project. So, today we are going to see about a place from where you can actually get the data.

There are many ways from which you can get data. Some of them are following:
  • From your Company which provides you data for their task
  • From an investor for who you are making something
  • From online scrapping
  • From different sites or repositories 
These are the available option or maybe more, but if you are in a learning phase then you can't get data from any of these options. I am going to tell you a very amazing website which contains a lot of data for free.

Go to the google and type UCI repository.
Then open the site, or either click here.

You will see the Home page like this:

Here you can see the latest Dataset and also the most popular datasets.
If you click on the dataset then it will show you the attributes, labels and many other pieces of information.

Here you can also get relevant research papers related to datasets. You can get pretty so much information from this website.  Just download the dataset from here and then you can implement into your project.

There are many sites like this but this one is the best for getting the dataset and this site is generally recommended by many people. So, I hope this article might be something useful to you. If I get something more useful and interesting than this one then, I will make another article on this. Till then stay tuned with us to get easiest explanation on machine learning course. If you haven't seen our beginner guide tutorial then follow this link. We are going to cover every single algorithm used in Machine learning and which algorithm you should use in which type of data that also we are going to cover. So, stay tuned with us, comment down below if you have any doubt or difficulty. or connect with our social accounts. Goodbye for now and Peace out.

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