Right and Fast Way to Learn Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a fast growing field, and you cannot be slow in this race. You have to learn it in a right and fast way. If the way is right, it saves your time and energy. So, In this article I will share some of things I have observed while learning Machine Learning and Data science.

If you clearly know how to learn, then it easier to know how to learn faster. These two things will help you-
1. Right way - Researcher or money maker.
2. Right Method or Process.

Machine Learning Researcher or Just Want to Make Money?

I started to learn AI, because I was learning OpenCV and It was like just analyzing images, I wanted to learn detection :). So, I started to learn. One day I found myself that I am learning SVM from last four days, and still trying to understand its Math completely. It was waste of time, according to my goals.

It was not important for me to understand SVM completely, but a person who wants to become a researcher has to do it. So, first decide that you want to be a researcher, want to start a business or want a job.

You need not to understand everything or complete mathematics to use it, you just have to know how to use it perfectly.

This step will help you to choose the right way. If the way is right then it will not make you frustrate, and it will make you fast as well.

Fast method to learn Machine Learning.

I have never watched a full tutorial series or a course, and I have never paid a penny to learn programming, mathematics and Data Science etc. They just waste our time by telling extra things.

If you are learning Machine Learning for free from random resources, then there should be a defined process or method. Otherwise it will waste even more time. But if the method is right then it will make the learning fast.

The method I use looks like a tree. If I try to tell you it in algorithmic way then-

Step 1: Get info about the topic. Here it is ML.

Step 2: Make the list of things you have to learn. In machine learning, these things are algorithms -

This list is for a beginner learning ML.

Step 3: Choose one item from the list, here in our list it is Linear regression.

Step 4: Learn it from the best resource you have.

Step 5: Again go to step 2, this time make a list of the topics you did not understand while learning the chosen item or Linear Regression here. Clear all the doubts one by one.

Step 7: Go to previous list and choose next item or algorithm.

Step 8: Repeat the process until all items in the first list are learned.

This will help to learn in a scientific manner, measurable way, and also fast.

If it takes too long to learn a topic, skip and learn it later.

If you are searching for articles and videos to understand a topic, first search it on best resources. Like AndrewNg's Stanford tutorial for beginners, and some other famous websites.

For a money making guy:
Learn the first two algorithm like a researcher. These algorithms are Linear Regression and Logistic Regression. They will help you to understand the basics of AI like what is a feature, training examples, testing, standardization etc. If your basics are clear then you can learn any algorithm very fast, and you can also use it.

For a research enthusiast:
I am not a researcher, but I can say - Follow the tree learning method and clear every single doubt.

If this article was helpful for you, please share it. It will help others also.

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