How to become a smart developer? What things you need to remember while coding?

Being good at coding is the first step in your software development. You need to understand the fundamentals of coding and how it works everything. When you start coding as a beginner at that time you learn the basic mechanics of how the code actual works, which function/method do what, what can I do to make this work. Now, when you become master in these things, you need to work on many other skills to become a smart software developer.

Building software is not like you code everything and make it work, but you have to make it more efficient which gives the best user experience and make the code comfortable to edit if you need to add something or remove later. There are some fields on which you have to give more attention in order to create better software.

1. Coding style

The thing you need to practice since you are learning code at beginner level is coding style. 50% to 60% error faced by every beginner programmer is because of coding style. I think you have also faced the problem that you wrote exact same code as video but you are getting errora ,and this is because of your coding style. 

When you start coding for the first time, mostly all of the people start with Notepad. Have you ever wondered why everyone recommends notepad instead of IDE? It is because you need to keep very focus when you are coding if you miss one bracket or one semicolon then you will get an error. Notepad doesn't offer to autocomplete anything so that you have to code with more concentration. Very bad habit of beginner programmer is that they start bracket and start coding after that they spend lots of time to search where is the bracket going to close and everything. So, do you think is this the way you can do more complex programming?
The good habit is the just start and close bracket and starts coding in it so that you don't have to worry about it opening and closing brackets.

2. Code Formatting

As a beginner, you won't need to worry about code formatting because you are just learning things and its ok. But when you are going to work on a big project in which you have to code for thousands of line then this will matter most. If you code in a un-organized manner then you will get a problem while you need to debug something or you want to find something. So, good habit of a smart developer is to code in such a manner from starting so it will help you to understand the code and finding an error.


Comments are very helpful in big projects if there are many peoples are working in the same project but here I am going to focus only on beginners and I will explain how it can help you to make you smarter. Thing personally I experienced that comment really helps you to learn code fast then you actually do. Especially everyone avoids making a comment in programming so that code will not look to much complex or scary for newbies. But in my opinion, you have to give comment on every single line which describes something. So, now what is happening here let me explain. You did comment for which line of code did what so every time you code and you do comment then that concept will going to clear in your mind because you are explaining that thing every time you code. This technique will definitely help you to learn code faster then you think and once you understand all the concept of programming then you will find more interest in coding.

4. Make it simple as you can

Once you have mastered coding fundamentals and you know how to code, You have to work now for making it better and smart. More simple your code look more easily you can debug or you can add something. Try to code which you can add or remove something easily if you want to do in the future. I will not be going to make you bore with only statements but I will show you a live example of how you can code more smartly then it can be.

Here, I took a simple example of the if-else ladder. In a big project, there can be many if-else statements and it will become harder to read everything if you need to add something or remove. See in the example I have given upper. How easy it is to read what is inside the if-else ladder and how it can be easy if I need to change? One thing you can do is declare variables and functions all over the places and make a complicated if-else ladder pattern or rather than just make a simple constant field which contains information about what is an inside if-else ladder and this is it.

Coding smartly depends on how clean you can make your code, how you organize your code, how you can make it more simple, how you can improve the performance of your code, how you can manage to change something. These are the few things you have to remember if you want to be a smart developer.

I will try to make examples and tips that you can implement in your code. If you want to see more articles like this then subscribe to us and never miss to check us out because we are uploading every single week. I will be back with another article like this but till then goodbye and code smart.

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