Are you just a Developer or a Design minded Developer?

Developing Apps and developing a perfect app are two things right? you might be wondering about what's design-minded developer? Well, writing a ton of code just to build an app is not a great idea.
You make an app for some reason(to solve a particular problem) , you need to consider what would users think while using your app. Yes, that is the user experience, how your app made an impression on the user and that decides the future of your app.
Having a lot of features in your app is not a great idea, but making the app more simple, easy to use, well optimized, well directed that makes difference.

For example, in sign up page there are lots of fields to fill the details, users can leave the process because of he/she doesn't want to fill all the shit(or details :) ), but if you give the option to sign up via Google or Facebook then they can enter in your app with just one click. That makes the user experience better right?

If you are a developer then you don't need to learn everything about UX designing, but to become a smart developer you need to learn some basic ideas about UX designing.

There is two main factor you need to keep in mind while developing an app 1) personas 2)use cases

so, what are personas and use cases? Well, it is the limitation of users resource and the things he wants. Didn't get this? OK let me explain by example, So there is a one persona who have a limited battery, data and screen size. he wanted to watch some videos on your app so, which are the things are necessary and which things need to be fixed to provide a better user experience? 
if your app has by default playback of 1080p resolution, running unnecessarily in the background so these are the bad things to do so, you can either do to set the resolution to the 480p so that user doesn't lose much data and battery.

Now your question is how to get out from this and how to get started with better UX designing? The answer is you need to work on wire-framing before making an app. wireframing is a technique to design your app at a structural level.

There is an app called Prezi which gives you to make your design before you build. Here you can build whole wireframing with different plans free and paid.

First Make an account on Prezi and select any template then start putting your personas and use cases to actually visualize how they gonna work and then differentiate how you can improve it, what you can put to make everything easier and well performed.

You can make the whole wireframe of your app before starting building it. So that you don't need to do backtracking if something you need to add or remove later and you can code very easily.

You can make an excellent presentation with the help of this tool. This is the quickest and effective alternative to powerpoint. It provides a lot of templates and animations that you can use to perform outstandingly. SO, this is just one tool today I talked about it which is very helpful for who doesn't know much more about UX and all things. From the API level, 21 apps support material design and material design is an awesome new concept to build a perfect and great looking app. If you are new to material design or want to learn about material design then check out our article on material design. I will be back soon with other new cool things So, stay tuned with us and Subscribe to never miss an update from us.

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