Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens: are they same?

Everyday tech companies are introducing new features in Gadgets, they are trying to win the races of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Quantum Computers, and Virtual Reality. In the race of Virtual Reality, there are so many VR devices are developed, but people often talk about Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass. Most of the people think that HoloLens and Glass are same, let me tell you why people think that? and how they are different?.

Why do people think that HoloLens and Glass are the same devices?

Common sense says- because people think that they both are virtual reality devices, but they are quite different. Another reason can be- because we wear both of them in the eyes(haha) and they look the same.

How Microsoft HoloLens and Google Glass are different?

I will try to explain the difference between HoloLens and Glass in points, just like you did(or do) in school.

  • Do you know about Augmented Reality?. Augmented Reality is about mixing both the real and the virtual world and that’s what HoloLens do. Pokemon Go is not an Augmented Reality Game, but you can take an example of it. Pokemon Go is location-based, but Hololens uses its sensors to detect objects around it and creates an amazing 3D mixture of the real and virtual world. On the other hand, Google Glass is just like your mobile in Virtual Reality.
  • HoloLens uses 3D sound technology, 3D sound surrounds you by sound. If you want to see how 3D sound feels like then you can watch this Youtube video. Google Glass does not use this technology.

  • You can give voice commands like “ok Glass” in Google Glass. You can see voice commands checklist for Glass here. MS HoloLens does not have this feature.
  • MS HoloLens has the capacity to track the movement of your eyes, but Google Glass does not have.

  • HoloLens can track your movement in the space and places the virtual object at one fixed position with respect to you. Google glass just show information in front of you where you go.   
The first difference in Augmented reality is the main difference between them. HoloLens is more awesome than Ironman’s Virtual Reality world. There is a whole channel on Youtube about Microsoft HoloLens, they tell you how to develop apps for Hololens and much more.

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