Top OnePlus secretes and facts you need to know

Hey guys, what is going on? I am Mike and today I am back with another new very interesting and mysterious article on OnePlus. I am going to tell you the interesting facts about OnePlus that you didn't know yet. All right, so here are some questions and points.

  • What is T means for OnePlus?
  • How OnePlus OxygenOS update process works?
  • Who named OxygenOS?
  • The oneplus 5T DSLR camera
  • OnePlus Switch
If you don't know about any of these points, don't worry I will explain one by one. Let's start.

1. What is T means for OnePlus?
      This is one of the best and my personal favorite question that I have heard. Actually, I didn't focus that much on T but eventually, I saw OnePlus event and then I was shocked, I mean OMG that is insane man.

CEO of OnePlus says that we don't believe in new and different technologies don't provide meaningful user benefits. We make a product decision, We ask ourselves that would this technology enables us to release a superior product?

If you had a great software update you don't have to wait for half a year just to release it. It is about to levering the latest technology today and this is approach with a "T" line.

But what is T actually mean? very big companies like Samsung, Apple is using "S" series. Example Samsung S8, iPhone 6S etc. But In the case of OnePlus, it is using the "T" series. An example is OnePlus 5T. So, here is "T" means "S+1" in alphabetical order "T" comes after "S". OnePlus is showing them that they are "One Step ahead from them". That comes OnePlus T.

So, This is the story behind the OnePlus "T". So, now let's move on to our second topic which is How OnePlus OxygenOS update works?

2. How OnePlus OxygenOS update works?
      OnePlus don't want to create just a file. That was just a starting point. They want to create a phone to get better and better with every update. The only way to do that was communication, so they made a community which is called a OnePlus community. Peoples are telling issues and they are improving better and better every time. Example, some people are facing low light camera issue so, OnePlus started working on it and they introduced a screen flash feature and added additional camera setting to make camera way better. One more is lots of peoples love to play games on smartphones, Suddenly notification appears that's sucks. So, OnePlus again started working on it and gives them DND mode while playing games. Sounds good right?

This is how OnePlus update process works, Peoples are posting their issues to their community and OnePlus developers quickly start working on it and give the best service experience and That's why OnePlus created trust in the market.

3. Who named OxygenOS?
     OxygenOS named by their fans on the forums. A OnePlus fan from Belgium whose username is Midfire. He named it OxygenOS. 

4. OnePlus 5T DSLR Camera
     OnePlus 5T has the best dual camera setup. They decided to change the two-three key aspect into OnePlus 5T dual camera.

1- Low light performance
2- Portrait photography
3- Video Stabilization 

OnePlus is using focal is 1.7 allowing the camera to capturing more lights and make should clear photos in low light conditions. You know that there is a limitation of capturing pixels, that's why they are integrating "Intelligent Pixel Technology". OnePlus combines 4 pixels to one for getting more light clarity of the photos. Here are some low light photos clicked by OnePlus:

Credits: OnePlus launch Event

Portrait mode is one of the best and most popular features. In OnePlus, both cameras have the same focal length to take more deep photos in portrait mode. They made a serious improvement in the camera to improve the clarity of photos. In most of the dual camera, the photo is cropped through the composition in focal length between the primary and secondary camera lens. OnePlus also introduced EIS feature for more Stabilizing video capturing in full HD resolution.

5. OnePlus Switch
    When you buy a new phone, you face trouble to backup data from an old device. It is lots of time consuming and boring. Usually, you use a computer or your old mobile phone, but they all suck. OnePlus introduced a new feature called OnePlus Switch.

With the help of OnePlus Switch app, you are able to transfer all of your files to your OnePlus device in a single process. It is a part of OxygenOS and it's easy to use. Lots of peoples are using the iPhone, the great news for them is OnePlus Switch is compatible with your iPhone. So, This is the way how OnePlus welcomes iPhone users (Just OnePlus made a troll to apple).

So, these are the top secrets of the OnePlus. Actually, not secretes but facts which I wanted to tell you. If you like this article then share with your friends to know them about OnePlus. If you are OnePlus lover then let me know down below in the comment section.

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Credits:- OnePlus Launch Event

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  1. Good one ," here is "T" means "S+1" in alphabetical order "T" comes after "S". OnePlus is showing them that they are "One Step ahed from them". " this is simply good to know !!!!!