Do you know about these AI projects by Google?

Google is primarily a search engine company, but they also develop AIs. Google is developing self driving cars, humanlike AIs and so many other AIs. So today’s  article is about some famous projects of Google in Artificial Intelligence. You can see list of those famous AI projects below-

1.    Google brain
2.    AlphaGo/AlphaZero
3.    AI who taught itself to walk
4.    AutoML - AI that creates its own AI
5.    TensorFlow
6.    Waymo
7.    Google Now

1. Google brain
Google brain is a deep learning project of Google, It was started as Google X. There is a separate team at Google to research for Google brain. The goal of this project is to upload human brain in computers. In 2012 , by combining 16000 computer processors they developed an AI which learned itself to recognize cat on the basis of 10 million images taken from videos on Youtube. Do you know about Geoffrey Hinton? If you are learning AI then I am sure you him, He is one of them who invented backpropagation in neural networks. Geoffrey Hinton also works for Google brain as a researcher. Google Translate is also a part of Google brain. Technologies developed by brain team are used in Google’s products like Youtube, Google+ etc.

2. AlphaGo/AlphaZero
AlphaGo AI plays a game called GO(It makes sense :) ). Actually it is developed by Deepmind Technologies limited, but Deepmind is Acquired by Google. AlphaGo defeated a good ranked professional Go player Lee Sedol in 2016. Google introduced new version of AlphaGo named AlphaZero on 19 October 2017. AlphaZero also plays Chess game, According to some news websites AlphaZero took only 4 hours to master chess and beat stockfish 8 which is world champion AI in chess.

3. AI who taught itself to walk.

This AI is also developed by Google Deepmind. The AI taught itself to walk,run and jump by learning from mistakes just like a baby.  Actually this AI was tested in virtual world , but we can also use it in real world to make robots more realistic. The technique used to develop this AI is called reinforcement learning, it is a machine learning technique refers to trial and error learning. There is one video on  Youtube which shows how this AI learned to walk by itself, You will enjoy watching that video, click here to watch.

4. AutoML - AI that creates its own AI

When I heard about this AI, it make me to remember terminator movie. If AI will develop another AIs then what we programmers will do? The most interesting thing is that the child AI is more better than parent, means AI developed by another AI is more advanced than the one developed by humans. AutoML is also made by Google Brain researchers. According to google research blog they want to automate the designing of ML(Machine learning) models and we can see that AutoML project is doing it.

5. TensorFlow
TensorFlow is machine learning library and it is also developed Google Brain team. TensorFlow is open source library, you can install it in your computer. It can be used to develop machine learning models like neural networks with Python,C++ or Java. Programmers who want to develop intelligent chatbots, computer vision programs etc. can use it.

6. Waymo

Waymo is a company controlled by Alphabet. Do you know about Alphabet? It is the parent company of Google. So, Waymo is related to Google. They develop self driving cars. Actually the self driving cars developed by Google are developed by Waymo. Till now, self driving cars developed by Waymo travelled about 4 million kilometers autonomously for testing.

7. Google now
Google now is personal assistant like Siri, Cortana. It can be used in Google app, may be you use it in daily life when you search something by voice search. Google Now and Google assistant are not same, you can say google assistant is next version of Google now. In Google Now we give commands like “ok google”, but Google assistant is quite different, you can chat with it.

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