Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks

Hello friends! I am back after 2 months, with this new article on ANN(Artificial Neural Network). If you don't know anything about ANN, don't worry, after reading this article you will have some knowledge about ANN.
   Before knowing about ANN we have to know little about the real neural network(or our nervous system). Do you know how do we know that something is hot cold? How do we learn from experiences? How do learn by yourself? These things are done by our nervous system. There are approximately 100 billion neurons in the human brain.

By relating the human nervous system with Artificial Neural Networks you can guess some idea about Artificial Neural Networks. ANN is a neural network for computers inspired by the human nervous system to make computers capable of learning by itself, means it can write code by itself for a specific task.
   Why do we want to write programs by themselves? Why? Because we cannot write long and complicated codes and also we cannot write codes for some tasks which we don't know how they are done in our brain.

Some Applications of neural networks(or ANN):

In Speech recognition:
ANN is used in speech recognition for more accuracy

In Computer vision:
It was impossible to using face ID on new iPhones without neural networks.
Neural networks are also used in handwriting recognition.

In chatbots:
It is also used in chatbots to learn by conversation to make it more realistic.

Interesting things which neural networks can do:
It can write poems.
It can make paintings.
It can detect sarcasm :).

Famous neural network libraries for programmers:
1. Tensorflow
2. Torch
3. OpenNN
By using these libraries you can make self learning chatbots and much more.

If you have any question about neural networks, you can ask in comments.

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