How sound waves are converted into computer understandable audio?

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We can play audio(sound), we can share audio(sound), we can delete(sound). To play,share,delete audio it must be stored in our computer/mobile. Have you ever thought that how sound is stored in computer?. 

  We all know that sound travels in waves and we also know that computer understand things only if they are in form of 0 and 1. So, to store sound(audio) in our computer it must be converted into digital signals(bits).

Transducer: transducer is a device that converts the physical quantity into electrical signals. So, we can use transducer to convert sound wave into electrical signal.
(Note: There are two type of electrical signals: analog and digital.)

We use microphone(or dynamic microphone) as our transducer to convert sound waves into electrical signals and headphone/speaker to convert electrical signals into sound waves. All data in microphone/speaker/headphone is transmitted and stored in form of analog signals. Since computers store data in form of digital signals(bits). To store sound on a computer it must be converted from analog to digital signals and to play sound it must be converted from digital to analog.

To convert analog signals into digital signals we use analog-to-digital converter or ADC(an electronic device).
To convert digital signals into analog signals we use digital to analog converter or DAC.

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By R Patidar 

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