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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Windows 10 uwp app development

A few days ago I was looking for a new programming language to learn, because I had decided that I will work on a project to learn new skills. I had knowledge of C++ and Python, but I did not found myself comfortable with them to work on the project, so I decided to learn C# after getting some information from internet. I knew that we can develop GUI software using C#, but during conversation on Whatsapp with my friend about my new plan to learn C# we talked about developing apps for Microsoft store using C#. Immediately after that conversation I searched “how to make apps for Microsoft store”, I found something called windows UWP. That time so many questions raised in my mind and I found their answers also. Today I am going to share those answers(or info) by summing up in these three points- 

1. What is a UWP app?
2. Is it worth to develop UWP apps?
3. How to get started?

1. What is a UWP app?

UWP stands for Universal Windows Platform. Name itself is telling that it’s about all windows platforms. A UWP app can run on all windows devices like PC, Tablet, Mobile, HoloLens, Xbox etc. and developer needs to write the app only once. Yes you read correct you don’t have to write separate codes for all devices, once you write then it will run on all devices. UWP is extended from Windows Runtime (or WinRT) which is an API used in Windows 8 to develop applications. Because UWP is extension of WinRT, so it can call WinRT also. Win32 softwares are different than UWP or WinRT as you can see their look-

2. Is it worth to develop UWP apps?

This question is always raised in our mind when we think about developing apps for Microsoft store, because we all know that market share of windows phones is falling down. In case of UWP apps you should not worry, because the app you develop will run on all devices. Many people need to use mobile apps while working on computer, so they try to find on Microsoft store but there are very less number of apps on MS store as compared to Play Store. You can take benefit of this and some useful apps can be developed which are not on MS store, but people want them. Windows phones are not totally disappeared, so people will use your app in phones also. Xbox has good position in market, you can also develop UWP games for it. We all know that virtual reality is going to revolutionize the future tech world. Microsoft HoloLens is in the top virtual reality devices, after some time there will be good number of users of HoloLens. It will be fun to develop apps which run on HoloLens (or Virtual Reality).
  Microsoft provides different-different ways to monetize your app, people are making hundreds of dollars from these apps. Programmers can’t stay at one programming language or API, they have to make changes and improve themselves, so if you loved it then start learning and learn complete. It is definitely worth to develop UWP apps.

3. How to get started with UWP apps development?

There are two most important things we should always consider when we decide to learn something new in programming- prerequisites and resources.

(a) Prerequisites-
UWP app development is not only for C# developers, you can also develop using C++, Visual Basic, JavaScript/HTML5. If you have knowledge of JAVA and you want develop UWP apps then you can learn C#, because there are some similarities between them. The next thing you need is Visual Studio 2015 or later, no matter whether it is community, enterprise or professional. Visual studio is the only place(almost) where we can develop UWP apps. Linux and Mac users can install Windows on virtual machine and then they can use Visual studio, virtual machine is software which allows you to use multiple operating systems in one device.

(b) Resources to learn-

Thanks, If you have any doubt then please tell me in comments below, I am always here to help you.


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