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Sunday, 12 November 2017

How to get started with AI?

Oh you want to learn artificial intelligence(AI)? Yes definitely you can learn it and from today. In future and at this time there is a lot of scope for AI and that’s why i am writing this article :) lol. Everyday many people are starting to learn AI. There are so many people who want to start learning AI but they have not started yet and if you are one of them,  then this article is for you. So, let’s get started.

Four pieces of advice to begin with AI:
1. Why should you learn AI?
2. Areas which contribute in AI.
3. How to start with AI?
4. Resources to learn AI.

1. Why should you learn AI.

There are many reasons to start learning AI. If you want to be an inventor , then there are so many opportunities in AI for it. For those people who want to get a job, AI is best field. Apparently if so many people will come to learn AI then traffic on blogs and views on Youtube channels will increase exponentially, you can start a blog or a Youtube channel also. If you want to be an entrepreneur, then AI is best field to become successful(or to become billionaire). There are some people who love to learn new things in tech world, if you are one of them then AI will be interesting field for you.
     AI can be implemented in so many things like farming, education, driving, conversation and even in AI itself. So, there are countless fields where AI can be implemented and it will give so many opportunities to you.

2. Areas which contribute in AI.

Mathematics: Some people hate maths and love programming. if you are one of them, then my friend start taking interest in maths because a lot of maths is used in AI. Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability and Statistics are some mathematics used in AI.

Neural Networks: Neural network is inspired by human nervous system to make AI capable of write code by itself. If you want more information about neural network then click here to read our article on neural networks.

Computer Science: It’s obvious that computer science is used in Artificial Intelligence. Programming, databases  etc. are necessary to develop an AI.

Robotics, Psychology, Philosophy , Biology and Social intelligence are also used in AI to make it more humanlike.

3. How to start with AI? What are some prerequisites?

Knowledge of mathematics and programming is necessary to begin with AI.

How much knowledge of mathematics do you need to begin with AI?

I think if you know high school level math then you can start. After beginning with AI you can learn advanced mathematics simultaneously to it. Just start and learn mathematics when you need it.

Note: If you are going to learn advanced mathematics  together with AI then only learn that specific thing(topic or article) which is necessary to understand at that time and come back to AI, otherwise this can wander you.

Programming language for AI:

I prefer you to learn Python for AI because  there are so many libraries which can save your time and make your work easy. It is easy to learn Python for those people who know C/C++/JAVA , Even I learned enough Python in 10 days to learn OpenCV Python. If you don’t know any programming language then learn a programming language first. You can also learn C++,JAVA, LISP or any other programming language for AI.

4. Resources to learn AI in beginning.
Before reading any book on AI, you should take online tutorials.
In beginning the following resources will be helpful:
  • Machine learning by Andrew Ng, Stanford University on Youtube. (ML and AI are quite same)
  • Coursera.org - There are so many courses on this website are free.
  • You can take Artificial Intelligence course on Udacity.com.
  •  Book - Artificial Intelligence: A modern Approach by Stuart Russel and Peter Norvig.
Was this article helpful? we are curious to know, please comment and tell us. Happy learning :)


  1. If you want to start designing models and deploy them quickly try NeoPulse AI Studio. It's on Amazon Web Services. 1 year of coding experience is needed, but no AI experience is needed. I've worked at the company (Dimensional Mechanics) for about a year.

  2. Well Explained "How to get started with AI" .......